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What are Temperate Habits?

Brooke and Katie, Pharmacists and founders of Temperate Habits Brewing Co.

As Pharmacists, we are expected to be of “good moral character and temperate habits.” For the past 10 years as Pharmacists, we have been just that. With our transition into brewing, we will not compromise our values no matter the industry. We promise that your experience at our brewery and taproom will always be welcoming and inclusive. Our hope is that you feel as comfortable in our brewpub as you do at home. We welcome all levels of beer drinkers, and invite you to experience the true magic of the microbrewery movement. We are Temperate Habits Brewing Company.

History of Temperate Habits Brewing

Who is responsible for these Brewery Shenanigans?


We are Brooke and Katie, two Doctors of Pharmacy with a dream to take that knowledge of chemistry and turn it into BEER! Delicious, clean beer carefully formulated and brewed to the highest quality standards. We never compromise our product or our customers.  In a time when microbreweries seem to be on every street corner, we encourage you to demand more from breweries, because competition leads to innovation and product quality improvement. When you feel overwhelmed with choices for craft brew, just remember that you as the consumer are the driving force behind the Craft Beer Movement. And for that, we thank you!

Join us at the Temperate Habits Brew Ha Ha


We hope you will visit us at our brewery and taproom for a pint and a chance to meet a friend or two when we open soon. We will offer pints or half-pints draft pours of our beers, as well as growlers and crowlers so that you may take our beer home with you if you prefer to drink your beer at home in your underwear. 

We we will be offering a chance to join our Temperate Habits mug club. With an annual membership you will get your own handcrafted mug from Grey Fox Pottery, a free mug fill with the initial membership and with each annual renewal. Mug club members will also receive a discount on each mug fill, along with 10% off Temperate Habits Brewing Co gear

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide clean, tasty brews in a warm, relaxing and fun atmosphere. We also want to provide customers with education on the brewing process. We hope to be able to provide you with a chance to come in and watch our process, or even volunteer if you would like! Who knows? Maybe you could start your own brewery!

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Temperate Habits Brewing Co, LLC

500 South 1st Street, Mount Vernon, Washington 98273, United States